1. Can You Be Too Young For CoolSculpting® Treatments?

    CoolSculpting can change your life by increasing your confidence in the shape of your body. FDA-cleared for the abdomen and flanks, it is a safe and effective treatment for unwanted body fat. Among the questions surrounding this treatment is the one of age. In our last blog, we explored the possibil…Read More

  2. Ready To Freeze Your Fat? Is Coolsculpting Right For You?

    Unlike most other methods of fat reduction, our Loveland CoolSculpting procedure involves no needles, surgery, or downtime.  Patients often spend procedure time reading, working on their laptops, or simply relaxing. CoolSculpting® is an innovative fat elimination technique that harnesses the power…Read More

  3. What’s The Difference Between Fat Reduction And Weight Loss?

    It's a common misconception that weight loss and fat reduction are the same thing. They're not. When we lose weight, our fat cells become smaller, but the number of fat cells remains the same. When we gain weight, those fat cells become larger again. However, the Loveland CoolSculpting procedure a…Read More

  4. Cool Sculpting Basics

    Front Range Plastic Surgery is excited to be the Northern Colorado’s provider for Coolsculpting. We know that it’s a relatively new procedure and not everyone is familiar with it so we thought we’d take this blog to go over some basics. What is Coolsculpting? The technical term for this medica…Read More

  5. Coolscupting Could Be The Answer For You

    If you have a small amount of fat that diet and exercise just hasn’t been able to get rid of, then coolsculpting could be the right way for you to go. This non-surgical liposuction procedure performed at Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can relieve you of that annoying layer of fat y…Read More

  6. CoolSculpting Loveland – Target Those Stubborn Areas

    So you’ve decided to make changes, big changes to yourself. You’re eating better, drinking more water, and you’ve committed to daily exercise. Your body is changing, and you’re happy with the results...mostly. There’s still a few irritating bulges and bumps you see when you look in the mir…Read More

  7. CoolSculpting Will Remind You Of You

    Located in Loveland, Colorado, Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can show you an innovative way to recapture that waistline you may have given up on ever seeing again. Coolsculpting is a great way of getting your body back to what you want and what you deserve. If you have not heard muc…Read More

  8. 3 Reasons You Will Love Your CoolSculpting

    With the rise in popularity of the cosmetic procedures that combine to comprise Mommy Makeovers, it’s no surprise that non-surgical liposuction, also known as CoolSculpting, is also on the rise, especially here at Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Loveland. If you are not quite rea…Read More

  9. Non-Surgical Liposuction now available!

    The non-surgical liposuction or CoolSculpting procedure eliminates stubborn fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime. This revolutionary treatment is the only FDA-cleared procedure to use controlled cooling to safely target and eliminate diet- and exercise-resistant fat. CoolSculpting…Read More

  10. Experienced Plastic Surgeon offering CoolSculpting!

    Many of us have made a New Years Resolution to get fit this year. We are at the gym painstakingly working to get rid of that extra fat. While exercise is absolutely fantastic, sometimes it takes a little more to get rid of our most stubborn fatty areas. If you have been working hard to get rid of yo…Read More