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3 Reasons to Choose Non-Surgical Liposuction

When you decide that’s it’s time to take charge of your body and how you look, you’ll have a number of options available to you. Procedures like liposuction can dramatically change the shape of your body and help you attain results you have previously only dreamed about. There is a downside, though. Liposuction can be expensive and require a great deal of recovery time that requires you to miss out on work and activities with your family and friends. That’s why more of our patients are opting for non-surgical liposuction in our Loveland office instead.

Why People are Choosing Non-Surgical Liposuction

It’s less expensive than traditional liposuction.

The cost of non-surgical liposuction is going to vary depending on your needs. Some people require only one treatment to get the results that they want; others require additional treatments before they see the results they want to see in the mirror. Additionally, where you want to have the nonsurgical liposuction done will affect the cost. However, despite these variables, in almost every case, the procedure is less expensive than traditional liposuction. That’s because there is no hospital stay required, no expensive after-care, and the procedure itself will likely cost less.

It requires little to no recovery time.

Traditional liposuction can require a great deal of recovery time. The body undergoes a fair amount of trauma during the liposuction procedure, so you’ll need to give it time to rest and heal. Most people feel ready to go back to work within a few days but may need as long as two weeks or more before they are ready to resume their normal activities. Nonsurgical liposuction, on the other hand, doesn’t require that kind of recovery time. Most patients are able to go back to work or resume their normal activities immediately. There might be a little redness or discomfort, but these symptoms pass quickly and your doctor can offer tips on dealing with them in the meantime.

There are no knives or needles.

This is often the biggest draw for many patients. The thought of “going under the knife” for an elective surgery is more than a lot of patients want to deal with. Instead, they may delay their traditional liposuction indefinitely because they are uncomfortable with the thought of going under anesthesia and having incisions. It’s true that most liposuction scars are now very small and hard to see, but it might be more than you want on your body anyway. Nonsurgical liposuction doesn’t require any incisions at all and you’ll be awake during the entire procedure (unless you choose to take a nap in our comfortable chairs!). That’s a comforting thought for many of our patients.

Nonsurgical liposuction can deliver the results you didn’t think were possible without traditional liposuction. If you want to see a slimmer, healthier, and happier you in the mirror, then it’s time to explore this option. Get in touch with our team to discuss your options and see if you are a good candidate for nonsurgical liposuction today.