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5 Interesting Facts About CoolSculpting

At CoolSculpt in Loveland, our total commitment is to safe and effective non-surgical liposuction for each and every one of our valued clients. We choose to perform CoolSculpting procedures for our clients because of its ability to deliver amazing results without the pain or downtime associated with liposuction. Here are 5 amazing facts about this process that will make you stop and consider:

  • Harvard scientists first discovered that cold temperatures had an effect on fat cells when they observed that children who ate too many popsicles developed dimples.
  • This fat reduction process differs from weight loss because when you lose weight, the number of fat cells stays the same, they just are reduced in size. However, with fat reduction, the fat cells are completely eliminated.
  • Coolsculpting results are typically long term and lasting!
  • Unlike other procedures, after eliminating fat cells, they don’t redistribute among your body.
  • You can return to normal activities soon after the session and you can even do things like read or nap during the procedure.

CoolSculpting allows for the pain-free removal of extra fat cells in regions of the body that have been proven resistant to diet and exercise. Bulges on the belly and throughout the abdomen are eliminated with this FDA cleared, non-intrusive alternative to liposuction. Our clients report fantastic results without experiencing pain or extended recovery times.

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