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5 Tips on Choosing a Quality Plastic Surgeon for CoolSculpting

You slip on your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Even though you have been working hard living a healthy lifestyle to make sure they button, you still have to pick a loose fitting top in order to conceal those awkward, bulgy love-handles and that frustrating muffin top. Whether you are a new mom or have been trying to diet an exercise for months without seeing results in those stubborn places, it is time to get back your confidence and into those skinny jeans.

Once you have made the decision to become the confident, fantastic person you are, here are 5 tips on choosing where to go for CoolScuplting in Loveland:

  1. Location. Location. Location. Choosing a qualified technician in your area is the key to convenience both for you and your plastic surgeon.  Choosing an office within a reasonable distance will help with appointment times and questions you may have.
  2. Attitude. You should never feel judged. You know you are truly unique and have reasons to want to be your best you, and nobody should doubt that. Make sure you are in an office which treats you like an individual.
  3. Knowledge. Your CoolScuplting expert should be an expert. He should be able to inform you in a way that makes sense to you and gives you confidence in his practice.
  4. Environment. Not only should you not feel judged, the environment of the office should put you at ease. Warm, friendly service is always the standard, don’t settle for less.
  5. Attention. Your surgeon should be very attentive to your needs and find a way to make them a reality. You know your body best, don’t settle.

At Front Range Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery we consistently strive to make sure that our patients are completely comfortable with the decision to undergo any procedure with us. In order to promote a positive and encouraging environment, we make sure you are informed and confident.

Dr. Warren Schutte and his team want to make sure that your CoolSculpting procedure in Loveland goes as planned and delivers outstanding results. Before committing to this non-surgical liposuction procedure, we invite you to enjoy a free and comprehensive consultation, where you can make sure we are fulfilling all of your requirements for a quality office.  Contact us today!