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A Coolsculpting Conversation

Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is now offering Coolsculpting. This is a revolutionary new technology discovered by medical doctors at Harvard University. Why might you consider using this technique to sculpt your body? Many of us have worked hard for years to maintain a healthy weight, and exercise to maintain not only cardiovascular health but also to look good. Despite all our work there are spots that remain untouched by our work outs. Depending on your particular body type, these spots could be muffin tops or love handles, a tummy bulge, or maybe you have ‘saddlebags’ on your hips that genetics has given power to stay on your hips despite pilates and dieting.  maybe you’ve considered an invasive procedure, or two, but are hesitant to go under the knife. Surgery requires hospitalization (with those hospital bills!) recovery, and well, people will know if you take time off to recover and come back slimmer.

Coolsculpting can help all these areas. Coolsculpting can deal with isolated areas such as muffin tops and saddlebags and it is noninvasive. The fact that Coolsculpting is a nonsurgical procedure makes it a first choice for many. Not only can going under the knife be scary, it can be expensive. Surgery requires anesthesia, whereas Coolsculpting does not. Coolsculpting can be done on your lunch hour and no one need know you’ve had it done! There is no surgery recovery time, no drainage tubes, and some people experience slight swelling or tingling.

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