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CoolSculpting Adding to Non-Invasive Procedures Available

As Americans we live in a society that is obsessed with beauty and youth which tends to leave many of us, both men and women, feling less than perfect. Plastic surgery procedures across the US continue to grow in popularity and with new options, innovations and procedural techniques, cosmetic surgery is becoming more of an option for a lot of us. Though a large portion of plastic surgery patients choose the more traditional procedures of nose jobs,  eye lifts or a full face lift, non-invasive procedures of plastic surgery are growing in popularity.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons facial non-surgical facial rejuvenation grew to almost 14.6 million across the United States in 2012 alone.  The use of injectable fillers like Botox® and Juvederm®, chemical peels, laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion decreased the numbers of those seeking surgical cosmetic procedures but overall those seeking facial alterations or improvement grew by 12 percent. Of these, Botox® alone experienced a 8 percent jump over 2011.

Liposuction remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures overall coming in second in the US only to breast augmentation. More than 300,000 liposuction procedures were performed in 2012. Fluid drainage, bruising, swelling and pain are some of the after effects of liposuction with recovery time ranging from just one day up to 10 or more days depending on the extent of the area treated.

With Cool Sculpting, a type of non-surgical liposuction, down time is minimal with very little pain involved at all. CoolSculpting freezes fat cells and eliminates them from the body with best results being achieved in just a few months. For more information on this innovative, non-invasive fat-eliminating technique, contact us at our Loveland office at 970-372-2310.