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CoolSculpting® and Breast Feeding

Do you have pesky pockets of fat? Maybe you had a baby recently and are hoping to renew your thighs, abdomen, or arms. We have good news for you! CoolSculpting® can give you the results you want without requiring weeks of recovery and discomfort.

CoolSculpting was created by Zeltiq in 2010 and has revolutionized the fat-reduction industry with its effectiveness and convenience. The sheer fact that it doesn’t involve a single incision has made it extremely popular among people needing results in specific areas of their bodies. Each treatment takes a mere hour, which makes it accessible to people with busy schedules – which is everyone! You can expect some bruising and maybe numbness right after the treatment, but in the following months, you will see your results come through!

Today, we want to talk to women with babies. Pregnancy changes your body, and we are here to renew your confidence. The question we want to answer today concerns breastfeeding and CoolSculpting.

If I’m Breastfeeding, Can I Have CoolSculpting Treatment Six Months After Giving Birth?

  • CoolSculpting is six years old, and so far, it has delivered only fantastic results. We recommend you consult with your doctor and our Board Certified plastic surgeon to get advice tailored to your situation, but it probably is best to wait on CoolSculpting until you’ve stopped breastfeeding.

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