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CoolSculpting and the War on Fat

It seems like here in the United States we are fighting a perpetual war. Not a war on drugs, or for oil or even for human rights or against poverty. It seems that most of us find ourselves to be soldiers in the never-ending battles against fat. We all have been exposed to tactics that have left us spent, unhealthy and frustrated and that allowed our enemy to further flourish adding more to our hips, bellies and behinds. Often, we have raised the white flag in surrender while we looked for a new plan of attack.

At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery we have the newest weapon available in the fight against body fat. CoolSculpting® allows you to actually freeze fat cells, killing them off and eliminating them from target areas. The only FDA cleared device that is non-intrusive and practically pain-free can be done in minimal time and has little recovery time. Results have been nothing short of amazing for a number of clients, some after just one CoolSculpt procedure. Unsightly bulges disappear in time after treatment as the frozen and dead fat cells are eliminated from the body. Dr. Warren Schutte performs CoolSculpting® in Loveland through Front Range Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. We want to be your ally in your war against stubborn body fat, bringing the best weaponry in making you feel your best.