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End The Muffin Top with CoolSculpting®

Really the only time a muffin top should be present, is on an actual muffin. And though the term “love handles” is a tad adorable, there actually isn’t anything cute about what it refers to. When was the last time you wanted him grabbing at them anyway?  And though safe and healthy weight loss is always the preferred method of trimming down, sometimes we all seem to have issues with some body areas. Especially as we age, our midriff can take on a whole new appearance that we aren’t exactly thrilled with and a stubbornness in keeping that fat regardless the number of crunches applied.

In the past, liposuction was the chosen application for removing stubborn fat. At one time liposuction was the most common cosmetic procedure in the US with over 400,000 procedures each year. But traditional liposuction has significant risks and side effects including the development of fatty tumors or fatty breast tissue in men. Recovery time varies between patients but can take weeks, depending on the amount of fat removed, scarring may occur and there is a possibility of the formation of blood clots or a abdominal hernia. Non-surgical liposuction later followed with better results. Since then various techniques and new technologies have made reducing fat easier and less painful.

Banish the muffin back to the bakery and leave the handles on the bicycle. Get the sleek, trim waist you’ve been envious about with the coolest, most innovative cosmetic procedure available, CoolSculpting®. Non-surgical and cleared by the Federal Drug Administration, CoolSculpting® uses cooling technology to eliminate body fat. Though it is not a weight loss solution and should not be approached as such, this non-invasive technique targets fat cells that diet and exercise haven’t effectively eradicated in the past.

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