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Enjoying Holiday Treats Without The Guilt

You’ve been trying to live better, eat healthy, and get back to the size you once were. We understand how difficult it can be, especially when Holiday parties, Christmas Buffets, and baked goods are abundant. When extra walks, runs, or child wrangling  just don’t cut it, try the CoolSculpting in Loveland. Combined with these healthy tips, you can enjoy simple treats long after the holidays are over.

Caloric Intake

While calories aren’t everything, the Holidays can be a dangerous time to stop counting. Being conscious of the calories you are taking in from sugars and saturated fats will help you limit the bad stuff.

Know When To Eat

With candy lying around, it’s important to never settle for a few pieces when you’re hungry. Know what your body is telling you, eat healthy foods and drink a full glass of cold water before treating yourself.

Keep Up The Activity

It’s the time of year when we get our first snows and the crisp in the air discourages you from going outside and exercising. Don’t let the cold weather give you an excuse to stay inside and watch TV.

Remember Portions Are Everything

All things in moderation. One piece of candy after dinner won’t make you gain 10 pounds, but one pie will. Enjoy small treats and let “Fun-Sized” be your new go-to candy bar.

While you can diet and exercise for months, there are some areas of fat that just won’t disappear. This can be a result of how your body stores energy, and combined with several other factors, you may find fitting into those skinny jeans more difficult than you would like. With CoolSculpting, there is no needles, minimal downtime and no worries, so you can say goodbye to the muffin top and start living a healthier life.

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