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Frostbite Fears and CoolSculpting®

If you are reading this blog, it is likely you are looking at your options for reducing your body’s fat. We are here to help!

CoolSculpting® is a fantastic option for those pesky pockets of fat that are impervious to your healthy lifestyle. At Loveland Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we love CoolSculpting for its effectiveness and non-invasive nature. Clients can be treated over their lunch breaks and be back at work with minimal issues. CoolSculpting gives results by freezing fat cells, which are then removed naturally by  your body over the next two to three months. There have been over 2 million CoolSculpting treatments done worldwide, and the results spread new confidence through millions of patients.

One natural concern about CoolSculpting is that the treatment will give you frostbite. After all, you’re putting part of your body into a space that squeezes and gets cold enough to freeze cells – isn’t your skin at risk?

No. The temperature required to freeze a fat cell will not freeze a skin cell. CoolSculpting is created to offer minute temperature control, not to freeze like crazy. The applicators eat feature over 3,000 sensors per side. These sensors monitor the temperature to ensure that only the fat cells are freezing. There has been one case of frostbite reported out of 2 million procedures. The frostbite resolved itself without any damage, and it is extremely likely that user error was responsible. That is why it is essential you find a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon like our Dr. Schutte to oversee your procedures.

At Loveland Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we are passionate about creating a safe place for people to regain the person they used to be. Make an appointment in Loveland today!