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Health Tips to Ensure Better Results with Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves no cutting or needles. It works by cooling fat cells in problem areas, thereby killing them. Once they die off, your body naturally eliminates them. Coolsculpting is an FDA-cleared cosmetic procedure that is perfectly safe and effective. There is usually minimal downtime, and Coolsculpting yields amazing results.

Front Range Plastic Surgery serves Northern Colorado communities, including Loveland and Fort Collins, with Coolsculpting treatments. Once the fat cells are eliminated these won’t come back; however, your body could form new fat cells. Thus, in order to prolong the amazing results you just received from Front Range Plastic Surgery in Loveland, you’ll need to maintain a healthy weight, which includes diet and/or exercise. Below, we’ll go over some health tips to help you ensure the best possible results with Coolsculpting. Schedule your Coolsculpting treatment today!


Maintain Your Diet

Some people think that because they just had a non-invasive cosmetic procedure performed that they are free to eat whatever they want. This can cause your body to create new fat cells to store the fat you are ingesting if you’re going crazy eating. Any type of cosmetic procedure is not an excuse to let yourself go. In fact, you’ll want to ensure you are eating a healthy diet full of leafy green vegetables, fruits, and lean protein to help maximize the results of Coolsculpt. Juicing has been shown to help as well.


Exercise is not only good for your heart and your overall health, but it can also speed up the results of Coolsculpting. This is because when you exercise, your heart pumps faster, causing an increased blood flow, which can help to flush the fat cells from your body faster. Adding in cardio two to three times a week is ideal. Talk to your doctor if you’ve never really exercised before, but you’d like to start up a routine.

Drink Water

While unproven, water, in general, can help flush out your waste products (including the dead fat cells) faster from your body. Outside of Coolsculpting, increasing your water intake will only have great benefits for your overall health down the road. Your body is made up mostly of water, and most of us don’t drink enough as it. By staying hydrating, you’ll also fend off the feeling of hunger as well.

Invest in a Massage

There are many benefits of massage, from helping to relieve tension in your muscles to improving mobility. Massage is also known to help with many different conditions, such as improving your mood, reducing your anxiety, lowering your stress, decreasing pain for muscle tears and injury, as well as sore muscles, and more. This is because massage increases the blood flow in your body. Thus, for Coolsculpting purposes, getting a massage can help your body rid the dead fat cells faster as well. Recent studies have shown that if you massage the affected area immediately after you Coolsculpt treatment, you’ll see drastic improvements in the time you see results.

Consider Vibrational Therapy

A little-known therapy that began in the late 19th century, vibrational therapy helps to improve circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage, which will help your body get rid of the dead fat cells sooner. Vibrational therapy works by causing your muscles to contract and relax through vibrations that are transmitted to them. Some types of vibrations can cause your body to help produce bone, or osteoblasts that are cells inside your bones.

Consider a Second Coolsculpting Treatment

Many people love the results they see with coolsculpting, but they want more. Coolsculpt in Fort Collins definitely recommends a second Coolsculpting treatment if you want to maximize your results. You can have a follow-up treatment six weeks after your first treatment. The advantage to a second Coolsculpting treatment soon after the first treatment is that we are able to reach the deeper layers of fat tissue having gotten rid of the surface layers. It also leads to faster fat reduction overall.


If you are looking to reduce fat in stubborn areas quickly and painlessly, then Coolsculpting is for you. You have minimal downtime, no cuts or surgeries, and it’s virtually painless. Your body naturally eliminates the fat cells, and by implementing some of the above tips, you can help to maximize your Coolsculpting results. Coolsculpting works great on love handles, back or belly fat, and other problem areas that stubborn fat resides. Treatments usually take up to an hour, depending on the treatment area.

Coolsculpting is using cooling powers to sculpt your body. There is almost no other non-invasive cosmetic treatment that yields the results you can get as easily as this. While Coolsculpting is not a cure-all for obesity, it can help you in your quest to look your best and boost your self-esteem in the process. Call our office in Northern Colorado for a free consultation today!