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Not Seeing Results Yet?

At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we absolutely love the results that CoolSculpting® gives our clients for so little discomfort and time. It has revolutionized the fat reduction world, and is giving hundreds of thousands of men and women the results they need.

If you have recently had a CoolSculpting treatment and you are not seeing results, that can be pretty stressful and discouraging. We are here to help, so we encourage you to make an appointment with us. In the meantime, here are some troubleshooting questions to ask yourself:

How recently did you get your treatment?

  • If it has been under three months since you got your treatment, you are still in the window for results to appear.

  • It usually takes three to four months for results to show, and everyone is different. We know it can be hard, but give yourself some more time!

Have you compared yourself to your “before” picture?

  • Because the actual process of fat reduction is done by your body itself as it gets rid of dead cells, the change is very gradual.

  • It’s like growing in height – you don’t realize it is happening until you compare yourself with a previous measurement. Until you compare, you may feel exactly the same. Go ahead and check it out.

Everyone is different, and it may turn out that you need another treatment. You will not know until you make an appointment with us, so give us a call for CoolSculpting in Loveland. We are eager to help you!