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Pre-Holiday Pounds? We Can Get Rid Of Them

We know prepping for the holidays is a lot like getting ready for summer–it involves a lot of self-conscious shopping for clothes you wish you looked better in. Even though you’ve been doing everything you can to lose the weight, for some reason you’ve plateaued and have come to the realization that that muffin top is stubbornly refusing to go anywhere. When other methods aren’t cutting it, CoolSculpting at our Loveland office can get you into that little party dress.

Unlike other ways of losing weight which simply shrink your fat cells, CoolSculpting is a method that naturally and safely kills fat cells, and it works without surgery. This means that when you say goodbye to your muffin top, love handles, or extra weight, you’re saying goodbye for good. The only method of losing weight that works long after to keep the weight off, you can buy a swimsuit on sale now and fit into it next summer. You can buy that little black dress and wear it this Thanksgiving and still fit into it by New Year’s.

It’s time to break free from your self-consciousness. We all have those parts of our body we wish were a little slimmer, we all have that pair of jeans we wish fit a little better, and we all lose a little bit of confidence every time we try on that dress that doesn’t fit like it should. At our Loveland office, we are happy to help, to restore that confidence, and get you looking your very best. Get that healthy, confident glow and sign up for your free cosmetic consultation today. It’s time to break free of your insecurities.