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Thanksgiving Still Weighing You Down?

Thanksgiving is about family, friends and food, about feeling grateful for everything you have. However, after the oven has cooled, family has left, and leftovers are stored, you may just feel bloated. Don’t let Thanksgiving weigh you down for the rest of the holiday season, it’s time to invest in the nonsurgical liposuction procedure that is changing the way Loveland sees fit.

Year after year, we see that the month from November to December brings pounds that we try to lose the next year. With the right diet and exercise, you may even get back down to your goal weight by bikini season, but turkey and mashed potatoes have a way of hanging around. At Front Range Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, our goal is to make you feel beautiful again and get you back into that cute little holiday dress in a way that requires no needles, no anesthetic and no worries.

It’s time to say goodbye to the muffin tops Thanksgiving left behind.

Our procedure is so innovative and safe that it requires minimal downtime. This means that you can still get in all of your holiday shopping, your greeting-card sending, your baking, your caroling, and so much more while you are saying goodbye to fat for good. Unlike other, more traditional methods of losing weight which only shrink fat cells, CoolSculpting safely kills the fat cells which your body then naturally gets rid of. This leaves you thinner and healthier, with a holiday glow that will be hard to miss.

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