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Why Choose Non-Surgical Liposuction Over Traditional Liposuction?

Whether its walking around Lake Loveland, going hiking in the Foothills or going shopping at Centerra, you want to look good doing the things you love. That is why we have brought the innovative, highly effective and unbelievable CoolSculpting to Loveland.

We like to brag in Colorado that we have “over 300 days of sun” a year, and although we enjoy our afternoon rain-showers, nothing beats our sunny mornings, and these summers make us want to break out the shorts and tank tops. However, pulling those shorts up may be getting more and more difficult with every passing BBQ, and that tank top may not be hiding the muffin top as well as before. If you look in the mirror and wish you had the bikini body you’ve been dreaming about, it’s not too late to get that body and flaunt it, too!

At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we are offering the best in non-surgical liposuction. That’s right. Avoid the surgery, the recovery time, the pain and get rid of fat in a way that won’t prevent you from doing those things along the Front Range that you love so much.

Unlike dieting, CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells completely, making sure the fat comes of and stays off for good. That means when you say goodbye to your muffin top, you will never have to see it again.

Get back out there, enjoy the sun in your shorts and tank, and take back your summer. There’s still time!

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