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Why CoolSculpting® is Better Than Zerona

Because fat reduction is such a prolific industry, people seeking results are faced with many different options. The search for the perfect treatment can be a disorienting experience. At the end of the day, it’s your body, and you have to live with the results of whatever treatment you choose. It’s important to find the perfect fit. The key is doing your research and having an expert you trust on your side. Someone who knows their stuff and puts your interests first is absolutely essential. An expert will be able to navigate you through choices between CoolSculpting® and other fat reduction options, like Zerona.

We want to help you on your journey to the perfect treatment by comparing CoolSculpting and Zerona and discussing why CoolSculpting is usually the better choice. Both Zerona and CoolSculpting are noninvasive fat reduction solutions.

What is Zerona?dreamstime_xxl_7737328

Zerona shrinks fat cells by liquefying them. The body then eliminates the liquefied fat via detoxification. Each Zerona session lasts about 40 minutes, and people tend to use that time to relax. Zerona is done in treatment periods of two weeks, during which clients receive treatment every other day. This adds up to nine treatments, and usually costs around $2,800. Results usually show up after the two week period.

Why is CoolSculpting® Better?

Because Zerona simply shrinks fat cells rather than eliminating them, the fat cells can fill back up again and erase the results. Even though it takes two months for CoolSculpting results to show up, they actually stay around.  CoolSculpting addresses the issue. It achieves results without requiring clients to visit every other day. Like Zerona, it is an easy treatment that can be done over a lunch hour. You can relax while you have your treatment.

Zerona treatments require patients to cut caffeine and alcohol out of their diets. Otherwise, the treatment doesn’t work. While eliminating alcohol and caffeine is generally a good thing, it can make it difficult to get through Zerona and maintain its results. CoolSculpting doesn’t have those restrictions, but it consistently inspires clients to live healthier lifestyles. Hands down, CoolSculpting is the better investment.

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