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You Need CoolSculpting® This Summer! Part 2

You deserve a phenomenal summer – a summer where you feel as great about yourself as you do about the celebrations, cool evenings, and fresh mornings.

That being said, we know the time for working into a bikini body – or even just a sleeves shirt body – may feel like it has passed. The warm weather is upon us! However, we have some great news: nonsurgical liposuction is ready to come to the rescue! In our last blog, we went through a couple reasons why CoolSculpting® is a must this summer, including leaving uncomfortable shapewear behind and feeling comfortable in sleeveless shirts. Today, we have two more reasons why nonsurgical liposuction is an answer you can give your mirror!

Enjoy confidence at the pool

There is nothing like a dip in the pool on a toasty day – and nothing like feeling great on the walk to and from the water. You deserve this. CoolSculpting can give it to you kindly, without the pain and recovery of traditional liposuction. We want you to love your time at the pool and be eager to return the next day!

Leave fad diets behind

Nobody deserves to be taken advantage of – and happens too often with fad diets. The creators know what they’re doing, and it’s hard not to go from one to the next. Turn to CoolSculpting, an FDA-cleared method for fat reduction. It’s time to give yourself a real solution.

At Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, we are on a mission to compassionately make this summer the best for everyone we can reach. Contact our Board-Certified plastic surgeon today!