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CoolSculpting Will Remind You Of You

Located in Loveland, Colorado, Front Range Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery can show you an innovative way to recapture that waistline you may have given up on ever seeing again. Coolsculpting is a great way of getting your body back to what you want and what you deserve. If you have not heard much about CoolSculpting, it is not a quick fix or a surgical procedure. You will still want to work off any extra pounds with diet and exercise. However, CoolSculpting gives us a way to target some of those really stubborn areas that just won’t go away no matter how much you exercise. You are still rewarded for your hard work without being penalized for being a mom or even for just going through the natural aging process.

This state of the art procedure is non-invasive, but it still targets fat cells that won’t go away by freezing and naturally eliminating them from the body. We don’t use any knives, or needles in our CoolSculpting procedures, so our patients are free to read, relax, or just work on their mobile device while the procedure is going on. It’s an FDA-cleared, clinically-proven procedure that’s safe and effective. Most people see results within 1-3 months, while some patients will even see noticeable changes in just three weeks.

With this non-surgical liposuction, you will love the new you. Or, more correctly, you’ll love the new, old you, since your new shape will remind you of your former shape before you started having a family. Click on our site for more information and helpful videos.