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What to Expect from Your CoolSculpting Treatment

You have a lot of choices when it comes to body contouring. Some are invasive, some aren’t. Some offer consistent, reliable results, and some don’t.We think an informed decision is a good decision, so we’ve put together some facts about what CoolSculpting is and what it isn’t. Take a read, and when you are ready to learn more, come in for your free consultation. We look forward to seeing you.

CoolSculpting Results

A reporter from Refinery29, one of the leading beauty and style websites in the world, recently wrote about her CoolSculpting first-hand experience and gave some pretty good feedback about what you should and shouldn’t expect. She was pretty spot on.

Here are the takeaways.

  • CoolSculpting works! The article indicated that the author saw a significant reduction in her waist and hip measurements between treatments and noticed a significant reduction in belly fat.
  • CoolSculpting is not magic. It won’t remove all of your fat. It won’t keep you from losing weight if you continue to eat poorly and don’t exercise.
  • CoolSculpting is not cheap. We don’t think it is wise to ever bargain shop when your health is concerned. The Refinery29 article backs us up. If you go to a bargain-basement provider of any service, you can expect bargain-basement results.

The medical resource website, RealSelf.com, conducted a survey earlier this year that confirmed more than 83 percent of CoolSculpting patients were happy with the value they received. We think that’s pretty good. Our patients are even happier with their results, because we advise people who are not good candidates for CoolSculpting to either wait until they are ready or pursue other options.

For you men, James Banham, a well-known Australian lifestyle and fashion journalist, went through the CoolSculpting procedure and said that there was just numbness. He said that as long as you are making the commitment with your own wellbeing in mind, that it is well worth the time and investment.

Get the Most Out of Body Contouring

Debra Messing recently called CoolSculpting her best discovery of the year. We think that’s pretty cool. But, we think facts are more important when it comes to making decisions about your health.


Whatever method you choose to reduce fat and sculpt your body, there are some important things that you should always keep in mind.

  • Keep exercising. Fat-burning cardio was your best friend before you got rid of that stubborn fat. And it is going to be your best friend after. Keep at it.
  • Eat healthy foods. Try incorporating inflammation-reducing foods into your diet, like papayas, beets, and artichokes.

CoolSculpting is not a weight loss technique

  • If you have more than 20 pounds to lose, do that first. You’ll be much happier with your results.

CoolSculpting removes fat.

  • Coolsculpting actually removes up to 25 percent of the fat in a treatment area. We don’t know of any other non-invasive procedure that does this.

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