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3 Mindset Tips To Explore Before Your Coolsculpt Appointment

If you’re embarking on a Coolsculpting journey, you’ve likely done your research on the procedure. As you may already know, Coolsculpting is an impressive solution that’s both innovative and non-surgical and is beneficial for tackling stubborn fat that just doesn’t want to let go! As your Coolsculpt appointment is nearing, you may feel a range of feelings from excitement to apprehension — and all of these feelings are to be expected. The best self-work to do before you have any procedure that is altering your appearance, is introspection work. Working through your narrative and the emotions you’re feeling will only usher a positive experience. So, follow along for mindset tips to take before your Coolsculpt appointment!

How does mindset help with cosmetic procedures like Coolsculpting?

There is a lot of conversation these days around the topic of mindset, so what is mindset? A mindset is navigating your way through certain situations and sifting through what is going on and what we should do. Mindsets can help us to identify blind spots of opportunities and allow us to work through them.

If you’re struggling with a set of emotions going into your Coolsculpt appointment, a new mindset can help you adjust and pivot to a more favorable attitude and outcome.

Mindset #1: “I’m nervous”

When you express that you’re nervous, what do most people tell you to do? Most people will say “just relax.” When you’re nervous, you are often in an elevated, high-arousal state and no amount of “just relaxing” will calm that storm! In a nervous state, try acknowledging the nerves and focusing then on the mindset of excitement. Instead of being nervous for your Coolsculpting appointment, you can shift it to being excited. Focus on the situation that can go right instead of scenarios that could go wrong.

Mindset #2: “What if I’m still insecure about my body?”

Insecurity befalls all of us — whether it’s being insecure about not being qualified for a job or not feeling at home in your body, the best way to shift your mindset towards confidence is to try and be comfortable. It sounds odd because confidence is about being the expert or queen bee, and sometimes you have to “fake it until you make it!” There is even a phenomena called the “imposter syndrome” that can contribute to your insecurities by creating the inability to internalize accomplishments because they’re afraid they’re going to be “found out” or seen as a fraud. Comfort can materialize when you are yourself. When you show up as authentically you, because each and every one of us has something to offer.

Mindset #3: “What if I become super critical about my body fat percentage?

Before a cosmetic procedure like Coolsculpting, many patients are diligent about their diet and exercise regimen, and sometimes it just can’t be addressed through those methods. When Coolsculpting is a solution, there is worry before the procedure that they won’t be able to maintain it. The best mindset shift is greeting self-criticism with self-compassion and self-acceptance — a growth mindset. In the growth mindset, you realize that failure is imminent, but it’s not always bad. As humans we experience setbacks, so embracing mistakes and then being able to be flexible and move on, will help with self-critical thoughts.

Mindset work

The most important part of shifting your mindset is acknowledging them and then taking action to change them. Cosmetic procedures, bring up all kinds of emotions and mindsets so go into your Coolsculpt appointment with the skills to change different thought patterns to more advantageous ones.
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